The Mercedes-Benz-diesel emissions scandal

Not only Volkswagen c.s. equipped its diesel cars with cheating software. In recent years, it has become apparent that also Mercedes-Benz is involved in Dieselgate. Mercedes-Benz already recalled many of its diesel models in connection with the emissions control system. The German Type Approval Authority (KBA) has repeatedly instructed Mercedes-Benz to recall its diesel cars and take measures to remedy the defects related to the emission control systems.

"Clearly, there is an industry-wide problem. It takes a broad approach to reach an appropriate solution. Of course, we prefer to reach such a solution without having to go to court. But if necessary, we will ask the Dutch court to give motorist the right to return the affected diesels to their respective dealers - because not good means money back - and to recover the damages suffered from the car manufacturers."

- Guido van Woerkom 



The use of cheating sotware is prohibited

The use of cheating software for the purpose of circumventing the rules, is prohibited. In December 2020, the European Court of Justice made it clear that the excuse of car manufacturers who say that the cheating software is necessary to protect the engine, is not valid. Car manufacturers who install cheating software into their cars for such reason, are breaking European laws.

The judgment of the Court of Justice is an important milestone. Volkswagen has always emphasized that the cheating software it uses is not prohibited because the software would be necessary to protect the engine for example against wear and tear. The Court of Justice now has ruled that this argument is invalid. Car manufacturers who install cheating software in cars for such reasons are violating European laws.

- Guido van Woerkom


    Together we are strong! 

    The power of the collective: that is what we're going for. By uniting the voice of European consumers, the chance of receiving adequate compensation increases. Our ultimate goal: to ensure that the negative consequences of Dieselgate are not at your expense and risk.



    How does the foundation help me?

    In December 2020, we started legal proceedings against Mercedes-Benz (and others) in the Netherlands on behalf of the injured Dutch car owners. Possibly, also non-Dutch car owners will be able to join these proceedings against Mercedes-Benz. The court has yet to make a decision on this point. Regardless, the foundation also endeavours to protect your interests as a non-Dutch car owner outside the courtroom. For example, we regularly contribute to conferences (such as in the European Parliament). We also draw personal experiences from affected diesel car drivers, which we then introduce into our discussions with the various interest groups involved. We want to show that the emissions scandal has a huge impact on European car owners. We also want to come to a solution that tackles the issues that millions of car owners are facing every day because of the use of cheating software.

    For non-Dutch car owners who individually want to take legal action against Mercedes-Benz, we work together with various partners in Europe, including a partner in Germany. Don't live in the Netherlands? Want to learn more about your options? Send us an e-mail. We would be happy to put you in touch with one of our partners in your own country.

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