How does the Foundation help me?

In September 2015, news broke that Volkswagen had influenced the outcome of emission tests for years using cheating software. As a result, the emission values ​​of diesel vehicles from Volkswagen have been much higher than legally permissible for a long time. That is harmful to the environment. But if you drive a Volkswagen diesel yourself, it is also bad for your wallet: reputational damage has caused the value of your car to drop. And after the software update offered by VW, your 'repaired' car suffers from technical defects and uses more fuel than before.

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Appropriate compensation

In the US, Canada and South Korea among other countries, Volkswagen has offered financial compensation to injured customers. But in Europe, Volkswagen has not offered a penny. The Volkswagen Car Claim foundation wants to do something about that! We are committed to appropriate compensation for the damage suffered for all European car owners. We do this by uniting injured customers and consumer organizations in order to force Volkswagen into action.

    Together we are strong! 

    The power of the collective: that is what we're going for. By uniting the voice of European consumers, the chance of receiving adequate compensation increases. Our ultimate goal: to ensure that the negative consequences of the Volkswagen scandal are not at your expense and risk. Especially now that the affected models are being banned from an increasing number of European inner cities due to their high emissions.


    Outside the courtroom

    Litigation is not the only thing the Foundation does. We also endeavour to protect your interests outside the courtroom. For example, we regularly contribute to conferences (such as in the European Parliament recently). We also draw personal experiences from affected VW drivers, which we then introduce into our discussions with the various interest groups involved. We want to show that the emissions scandal has a huge impact on European car owners. We also want to come to a solution that tackles the issues that millions of car owners are facing every day because of the use of cheating software.

    In May 2018, on behalf of the 180,000 affected car owners in the Netherlands, we started legal proceedings against Volkswagen (among others). Unfortunately, the Dutch legal system only allows the foundation to litigate on behalf of Dutch injured car owners. For non-Dutch car owners who also want to take legal action against Volkswagen, we work together with various partners in Europe, including a partner in Germany. Don't live in the Netherlands? Want to learn more about your options? Send us an e-mail. We would be happy to put you in touch with one of our partners in your own country.